National Weather Association

About the National Weather Association (NWA)

The NWA is a professional association supporting and promoting excellence in operational meteorology and related activities since 1975. To accomplish this, the Association’s objectives are: (1) to provide a medium for all persons interested in weather, including climate, forecasting, observations, observational systems and related research and development for the publishing of letters, pamphlets, periodicals, papers, and Web pages concerning activities in said fields; (2) to provide information, publications, materials, and seminars that will promote forecasting, analysis, observations, training, and education in the meteorological disciplines.

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Why should you join?

Members have many opportunities to share information, news, studies and concerns related to operational meteorology and related activities through committee work, submitting correspondence or articles to NWA publications such as the Newsletter, National Weather Digest and the online Electronic Journal of Operational Meteorology, making presentations or leading workshops at the Annual Meeting, helping to maintain and add information to the NWA Web site, and to network with great people in a wide variety of careers (from well-known senior professionals to weather enthusiasts). Members join together on many outreach education/training initiatives to students, users of weather information, and the general public. Members also have the opportunity to volunteer for many leadership positions in the organization. Weather Broadcasters have the opportunity to earn the NWA Radio and Television Weathercaster Seals of Approval. The NWA also sponsors an Annual Awards program to recognize excellence, college scholarships, grants to K-12 teachers and other programs. Membership fees provide full voting membership, National Weather Digests, monthly NWA Newsletters, reduced registration fees at NWA Annual Meetings, and reduced costs for NWA Monographs and Publications and more.

Membership benefits include:

  • Networking & Professional Development
  • Join others in sharing, learning and advancing your profession
  • Earn NWA Seals of Approval
  • Promote excellence through awards, scholarships/grants
  • Join a committee or run for office to lead NWA’s future
  • Receive National Weather Digest, monthly newsletters
  • Attend meetings at reduced fees
  • Be part of a group for advocacy on important issues

To join:

The cost is only $18 per year! Start enjoying the benefits of Society membership by applying online. Payment by Visa, MasterCard, or American Express is required. If you prefer, you may fill out and mail in the paper application with a check.

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