As CMU has been issuing the concentration in Meteorology for over 20 years, we have a large amount of CMU graduates working as meteorologists in the field. While many remain in the field of meteorology, others take advantage of other opportunities. We enjoy hearing from all alumni of the meteorology program. So drop a note to Dr. Mower at today. If we hear from enough of you, we’ll put up a new webpage that includes all the emails from folks that we’ve received. The CMU Alumni Association allows alumni to connect to the university through several platforms: facebook, twitter, and linkedin. The CMU Alumni Association webpage can be found at:

As I’m sure you’re aware, times are especially tough for the economy in Michigan. Your gift can support the meteorology program in many ways. Faculty and student travel to conferences, software and hardware upgrades, instrumentation, and undergraduate research are ongoing costs for our growing program. Every little bit helps and your donation can provide benefits to students that will ensure the continued vitality of our program. To make a donation, use the online form available here, and designate your gift to the College of Science and Technology. If you wish, you can specify that this gift go to the ‘Meteorology Program’ in the box labeled “Additional Comments”.

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