Student Organizations

The Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society

The Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society (affectionately known as “SCAMS”) is affiliated with the leading professional society in the field of atmospheric science. The students are very active within this organization. Approximately 40 to 50 students routinely participate in activities such as weather presentations at local schools, group weather discussions, attendance at national meteorological conferences, fund raisers, sponsoring guest speakers, operation of a local weather station, and social activities. In addition, many students are taking part in a National Collegiate Weather Forecasting contest known as Weather Challenge, Find out more about the chapter at

News Central 34

Operated by the School of Broadcast and Cinematic Arts, News Central 34 has the largest news coverage area of any regularly scheduled student produced live nightly television news broadcast in the state of Michigan. Because of an agreement with the Mid Michigan Area Cable Consortium, News Central’s broadcast is seen in more than 10 municipalities in three counties in mid Michigan. News Central 34 is one of the only student ­produced news shows in the nation with an hour-long format airing live four nights a week with a special half-hour edition on Fridays. Through a competitive audition process, meteorology students are selected to provide the weather portion of the newscast. Students use an Accuweather forecasting system, which is professional software used by many broadcast television stations nationwide. Find out more about News Central 34 at and

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  1. how enthusiastic are the students taking on the role in the organization?

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