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Meteorology is the study of weather and all processes that affect weather. It is a rapidly evolving science with significant relevance to society.  From climate change to severe storms, meteorologists apply theoretical understanding to observed and modeled atmospheric processes to create forecasts and conduct research. Society benefits from more accurate weather information, therefore the ability to communicate complex scientific analysis is of great importance to the meteorologist.

Michigan’s Only Bachelor of Science in Meteorology

Central Michigan University offers a modern, thorough curriculum to prepare students for a career in meteorology. Our program meets the guidelines specified for a Bachelor of Science degree by the American Meteorological Society, as well as the requirements outlined by the National Weather Service.  This is considered to be the highest level of accreditation for undergraduate atmospheric science programs.  Our program will provide students with the expertise necessary to attend graduate school, forecast for the National Weather Service, broadcast weather for television and radio, or work in the commercial weather industry. We have been accepted as an Academic Affiliate member of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR). Membership in this program certifies that our program:

  • Has made a definitive, substantial, and continuing commitment to a full, coherent, and integrated program of course studies leading to a baccalaureate and/or graduate degree in one or more of the atmospheric sciences or related fields,
  • Has made a definitive, substantial, and continuing commitment to progress in the atmospheric sciences or related fields as evidenced by scholarly works of significance by its faculty in the atmospheric sciences or related fields, and
  • Has made a clear commitment to active participation in UCAR activities, including its governance, programs, and facilities

About Us

The meteorology program is housed within the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, which is part of the College of Science and Technology. Prior to the development of the Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology in the Fall of 2006, students could receive a Geography degree with a concentration in Meteorology. The program consists of four full-time and one adjunct faculty, who all posses PhD degrees in Meteorology or Climatology. We currently have approximately 60 meteorology majors enrolled in the program.

The faculty is committed to excellence in undergraduate education and research, combined with maintaining a national presence within the forecasting and research communities. We provide a student focused approach to both academic and career advising. Class sizes within the major typically are less than 20, allowing for one-on-one interaction. The program allows students to work with state of the art software packages within an instructional laboratory dedicated to meteorology. Students have many opportunities for internships with the National Weather Service, private weather companies, and television stations throughout Michigan and the United States.

Our Mission

The mission of the meteorology program is to provide a rigorous education that synthesizes theory and application, enabling its students to think critically, develop the ability to become life long learners, and make productive contributions to society. The program values maintaining a competitive approach to meteorological education that includes an evolving, contemporary curriculum coupled with faculty-guided undergraduate research.