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Helping students succeed following graduation is one of the most rewarding parts of being a college professor. It is always our intention to see our students succeed in their post-CMU career, whether that student is applying for a job in the weather service, private sector, or applying for graduate school. We realize that letters of recommendation are taken seriously by those who request them.

Letters of recommendation should indeed reflect our sincere belief that you have the ability and desire to be accepted in the position you are applying for. It is your job to convince us of your strengths and desire so that we can write you a strong letter.

However, if we do not feel strongly about your abilities, we will be unable to write a strong letter of support.  We are under no obligation to write letters of recommendation at all, and strongly feel that it is better for you to receive a stronger letter from a professor in another department rather than receive a weak or negative letter from one of the meteorology faculty. When you approach one of us for a letter, you should be prepared to make a strong case for why we should recommend you specifically for the job/school you are applying for. If your performance in Meteorology classes is very good, this will be easy. When this is not the case, it is especially important for you to make a strong case to us so we can make a strong case to the recipient of the letter.

The faculty request that you submit some information that will assist us in writing your recommendation. We need all transcripts from any university that you’ve received credit from. Unofficial copies are acceptable. We would also like for you to describe any internship or research experiences you’ve had, and list any activities, including memberships in meteorological organizations and offices held. Submit to the faculty any outcomes from these experiences (e.g., a poster presentation, an abstract, a list of tasks you completed, etc.).

Please fill out the form below to inquire about a letter of recommendation. You must fill out this form prior to scheduling an appointment with one of the MET faculty, if you choose to do so. You should fill out this form each time you need a letter, and this form should be filled out even if the process of submitting a recommendation is entirely electronic. Note that some professors will not be willing to write you a letter of recommendation if you do not waive your right to view the recommendation. As faculty may be reluctant to provide a complete assessment of a student if it can be viewed by the student, such a letter may carry less weight in the selection process.

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Deadline for receipt of letter

Description of job or program you are applying for

Why do you want this position?

Describe any internship or research experiences you've had, and list any activities, including memberships in meteorological organizations and offices held.

What qualities do you possess that make you a good fit for the position?

What were your GRE Verbal and Quantitative scores?

Do you waive your right to have access to the recommendation?

Will the entity that you are applying to be emailing me with further information about how to complete the recommendation?

Would you like a face-to-face meeting to discuss this request?

If I do not receive confirmation that this request has been received within 48 hours of submission, I will email each professor and ask if he or she received my request.
Yes, I will

Please upload any forms that must be filled out and sent in as part of the recommendation.

Please upload all transcripts, including those from other universities where you have received credit.

Please upload any outcomes from internship or research experiences.

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